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College Bound

Throw those graduation hats in the air! As we gear up and prepare for graduations, we are excited to announce the recipients of the Los Barrios de Amarillo annual scholarships. This year brought in many changes including going from over 50 scholarships to 10 four-year scholarships and two two-year scholarships with a revamped intentional mentorship program. Intentional is the focus as we strive to meet the needs of students. Many of the students are first generation trying to break the cycle while facing many unknowns. As an education supporter, we do not want to simply hand them a check and wish them good luck. We want to be there throughout their college journey to help them find needed resources as they juggle school, work, and life.

While all students are different, many face struggles within these four areas 1) financial needs 2) mentorship 3) emotional support and 4) academic help.

Some schools have a College and Career Coordinator to assist students with college registration, but many students register on their own. Either way this is a new experience, and a lot of students are unsure of the process. Many students do not have the opportunity to go on college tours with their parents or have parental support in filling out financial aid paperwork. Parents expect their children to find out how to do it and teach them, the parent how it works instead of the other way around. Los Barrios de Amarillo hopes that the support provided through monies and mentorship for the two or four years of their education will alleviate some of the pressure and anxiety from these students and allow them to focus on the more important task of completing their education.

It is common for students from low-income backgrounds to take paid jobs unrelated to their studies because they are unable to afford to take unpaid internships. Their parents are also unlikely to have a professional network. Los Barrios strives to pair students with professional mentors who can assist them in finding opportunities and developing a network. Our mentorship program will include three areas 1) Mentors assigned at the college/university to assist students in making knowledgeable decisions regarding their academics 2) Events/Professional development to assist students with networking, resumes, and interviewing skills 3) Access to local hiring managers for internship, apprenticeship, and career opportunities. Our goal is to increase the retention and success rate of each college student. Building rapport with our students through this program, we are providing them something more meaningful and intentional than just a scholarship. We are creating a relationship where they feel safe and comfortable reaching out to us when they need help. A phone call could just be what keeps them from dropping out.

Join us in congratulating the class of 2021! We cannot wait to share this journey with you!

4-year scholarships

  • Alondra Ortega - Canadian HS - TTU - Accounting

  • Celina Pinela - Bovina HS - WTAMU - Mechanical Engineer

  • Lourdes Portillo - Palo Duro HS - WTAMU - Biology

  • Dylan Lara Perez - Palo Duro HS - WTAMU - Graphic Design

  • Joandra Jaylin Vivero - Tascosa HS - TTU - Nursing

  • Juan Manuel Lara - Friona HS - WTAMU - Business

  • Mason Zamudio - Pampa HS - TTU - Education

  • Michael Baeza - Palo Duro HS - TTU - Mechanical Engineer

  • Rubi Campos Santana - Palo Duro HS - WTAMU - Dentist

  • Samuel Guillermo Montes - Texline HS - WTAMU - Agricultural Business

2-year scholarships

  • Daisy Soto - Sunray HS - AC - Education

  • Leimy Ximena Perez Parra - Caprock HS - AC - Education

  • Emily Youth - Palo Duro HS - AC - Biology

  • Alberto Miramontes Rivas - Palo Duro HS - AC - Mechanical Engineer

  • Yonathan Mendoza - Wheeler HS - Franks Phillips College - Physical Ed.

A big thank you to all our sponsors!

  • Amarillo National Bank, Community Champion

  • Amarillo Police Department, Community Champion

  • Amy Taylor, Community Champion

  • Four Price, Community Champion

  • Atmos Energy, Innovator and Joan & Steve Urban, Advocate

  • Clay Stribling Fund, Community Champion

  • Altura Engineering & Design, Community Champion

  • Jim and Barbara Whitton, Community Champion

  • Lovell, Lovell, Isern & Farbough Law Firm, Advocate

  • MH Civil Constructors, Inc, Advocates

  • Tyson, Leader Level


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