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Xcel Energy Foundation

Xcel Energy Foundation's Community Impact

The mission of the Xcel Energy Foundation is to use the collective knowledge, resources, and skills of their staff and colleagues to make a positive impact. Through the Focus Area Grant program, Energizing the Future we support nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations that perform in one of three focus areas to ensure our communities are highly desirable places for everyone to live, work, and learn.

Their three focus areas, STEM Career Pathways, Environmental Sustainability, and Community Vitality, align with our company’s business priorities, reflect diversity, equity and inclusion commitments, and lay the groundwork for strong community impact.

STEM Career Pathways

With a focus on diverse STEM learners (women, girls, students of color), we will expand STEM education opportunities and connect emerging and existing talent to STEM careers through:

  • K-12 project-based learning and investigative experiences

  • Post-secondary financial aid, mentorship, and support services

  • Diverse and inclusive learning environments for all

  • Training, upskilling services for STEM careers

Learn more about the Grant Application Process.

Environmental Sustainability

Minimize impacts among vulnerable populations disproportionately affected by environmental harms and risks, and protect air, water, and land through:

  • Environmental sustainability initiatives

  • Disaster preparedness initiatives

  • Community green spaces

  • Environmental stewards and conservationist education

  • Programs that restore, maintain, and improve natural habitats

  • Natural resource conservation with emphasis on water conservation

Learn more about the Grant Application Process.

Community Vitality

Build community strength and vibrancy by advancing economic prosperity and fostering cultural expression and inclusion:

  • Case management and support services for underserved populations related to employment

  • Entrepreneurial endeavors that support local economies, with a focus on diverse business leaders

  • Amplify diverse artists and art forms

  • Free, reduced-price and community outreach activities, with a focus on historically marginalized groups

Learn more about the Grant Application Process.

See the many ways in which they're committed to investing in the communities they serve.


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